Accredited Roofing and Building Solutions can help with repairing and bringing new life into old brickwork.

Re-pointing a wall is important to preserve the integrity of the brickwork. If its just a small amount of damage, then simple patch re-pointing is all it will need. If there is more extensive damage, you will need to remove the old cement and re-point the entire area.

Old brickwork often shows signs of damage to the pointing, that is where the cement has started to fall out from between the joints. This is a normal part of the environment damage that buildings have to face. We can visit your home or business, and advise on the correct course of action to improve and replace (where needed) any old and damaged brickwork.

For more information on our general property maintenance services please contact us, telephone 01942 568058 to reach our main office, or 07565 214813 by mobile.

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