Flat roofs to pitch roofs

Accredited Roofing and Building Solutions find that although flat roofs may be relatively cheap to install, in some cases they could cause issues for homeowners longterm. We find many of our customers and clients ultimately address this issue by converting their flat roof to a pitch roof.

Why is a flat roof a potential problem?

Unmaintained maintenance and incorrect installation are the main reasons for a problematic flat roof. In some cases the flat roof is installed without the slight pitch needed to direct water away, causing it to collect and gather on the roof.

A pitched roof has an incline or slope included to direct the rain away. This slope ensures rainwater naturally flows away from the roof centre, minimising the amount of time it spends there.

At Accredited Roofing and Building Solutions we can help, advise and install pitch roofs. Either with a new build, reconstruction or conversion from an existing flat roof. We even offer a forty year weatherproof guarantee with each pitch roof we install.

For more information on our pitch roof supply and install services please contact us, telephone 01942 568058 to reach our main office, or 07565 214813 by mobile.

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